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Although orthodontics encompasses a wide array of treatment options. The most common recommendations Dr. Schuster may make after an initial consultation are:

Comprehensive Orthodontics:
Interceptive Orthodontics:
Once all or most of the permanent teeth are in, braces and sometimes an appliance/retainer along with braces will be to used to correct tooth and jaw alignment.
Occasionally a problem with tooth or jaw alignment may be easier to correct and/or will be more stable if it is addressed while some permanent teeth, but many baby teeth are still present. In this case, Dr. Schuster may recommend braces and/or an appliance/retainer to correct the problem. Comprehensive orthodontics may still be needed later on once all of the permanent teeth are in the mouth.
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TP Orthodontics Nu-Edge
Traditional metal braces: 
Traditional metal braces are the most common type of braces used. They are made with a high-grade stainless steel and are smaller and smoother than ever. Colored ties (rubber bands) can be added to these metal braces to make them fun and colorful.
Ceramic braces: 
Ceramic braces are used when aesthetics is a concern. Ceramic brackets are now made to color-match tooth enamel for optimal aesthetics and are easier than ever to remove.

Invisalign® is a series of removal aligners that align your teeth just like braces. Because the aligners are removable, you can eat whatever you like and brushing and flossing are much easier.
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